Rebuilding the SU carbs

On the first day of all I took out the carbs, I had bought on ebay. Time to see if they can be turned into something useful.

This page will consist of some ramblings and notes to myself as well as links to stuff that might be useful.

I have been making some drawing and notes to myself which are in a small notebook. When I get time I will post these images too.

Here is a link to information on dismantling the carbs:

Here is a thorough article on the theory and tuning:

Notes on pluging injector holes
Expansion plugs are also commonly referred to as freeze plugs. The key is the size Cameron gave you, 7/8. You can pick those up at any auto parts store. If your motor is a working pull, I'd do that & be happy. Tapping the holes would require the removal of the head & there is no reason to do that.

-The best plug is a 7/8"(?) freeze plug, meant to be hammered from convex to flat, just like the larger ones in the block.
JB Weld won't hold.
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영상 1 - 3 : 3