Where did this come from? Is this serious?

My work is similar to music. My compositions are arrangements of various
instruments or members, in some cases incongruous members that comprise the
whole. I have created rhythms within each piece. There is a resonance and
timbre that sustain those rhythms. All this balances a thread that move
throughout my art, sometimes boldly, sometimes subtly.

The various layers, compartments and intersections reflect the complexities
of our lives; the optimism, obscurity, achievements, disappointments,
rationality, happiness, etc.

The confusion and structure within those compositions also depicts a
dichotomy between harmony and conflicts, spirituality and absurdity,
sparkle and vapidity. And through the folds and curtains we search for a
balance between our self imposed chains and our freedoms, our walls and our
windows, knowledge and reliance.

The reflective quality exemplifies our continuous discovery of self; by
asking the viewer to examine our differences, in a different light, from
different perspectives. But then, showing through the layers is our
sameness, like a gleaming metallic thread that connects us all - a conduit
of equality.

It's an expression of our coexistence. Each of us has a role within our
"global" composition. It's how we choose to view our role that determines
order or confusion.

Ray Zovar