Required supplies are IN BOLD..


One large flat wash brush (1”-2 “ wide). 

One large round brush (size 10-14) OR  “quill” squirrel mop     brush size 6. This is my go-to favorite brush.  

Also bring your smaller brushes but we will use the large ones to loosen up and         paint bold !



    100% rag (cotton) watercolor paper 140 lb, cold press.  

    At least 15 sheets of 11x14, or buy large (22x30”) sheets and cut them     in quarters. Or watercolor block.

    Practice paper (20 sheets, any kind), pencil, kneaded eraser. 


Board: plexiglass at least 12 x 16 (hardware store) or non-porous surface.  

Spray bottle(s). 2+ water containers. Hair dryer (optional)

Scraper(s), e.g. old credit card CUT UP in triangles, or razor blade, palette knife.

Blotters, e.g. sponges, terry towels, tissue, paper towels

White plastic palette with large wells, or porcelain butcher tray.

Best is the John Pike plastic palette with BIG wells, holds 18 colors, good for big brushes and has inside cover mixing area. 

Optional: Photos to paint from. If possible print in black and white as well as color.

“Bad” paintings that didn’t work, for some “Magic Fixes.”

Professional Grade Watercolor PAINTS 

2 REDS:     Permanent Alizarin Crimson (listed under P). this is a cool red  

A warm Red /pink (e.g.Quinacrodone or  Perm. Rose, Scarlet Lake, Quinacrodone Pink or Quin. Red). Opt: Permanent magenta 

1 RUST:     Quinacrodone Burnt Orange (Daniel Smith) or Burnt Sienna or Cheap         Joe's Copper Kettle 

3 -4 BLUES:

     Cobalt Blue,     French ultramarine

     Thalo (aka Winsor) Blue. (Prussian blue, Indigo ok)  

    Cerulean blue. 

3 YELLOWS:    

    A transparent cool yellow (aureolin, Winsor Lemon)

    New gamboge

    Quinacrodone gold, a must


     Viridian, a must. Small tube OK.

    Perylene Green (a great pigment) or Thalo/Winsor Green

        1 DARK (Neutral Tint preferred; or Sepia, or Payne’’s Gray). 

Optional Fun stuff (Household items): Plastic wrap. Mr Clean Magic Erase,                     sandpaper, kosher salt.  

            If desired, bring some white (acrylic, white gouache, or pastel)   

To SAVE MONEY:  order online, especially for paper and pigment which really should be professional grade even if you're a beginner. It makes a huge difference. Order from  Cheap Joes, Daniel Smith, Dick Blick,Jerry's Artarama, or Jackson’s . Or Amazon.

Hint: spend $ on good paint and paper; many synthetic brushes will work just fine. Michael’s has 50% off coupons.